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Renée's that girl...
A Vancouver based designer/activist with a love for type, data vis, maps, chocolate and cats.

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About me

I am designer with a penchant for data visualization, cartography, UX design, typography, research, activism and cats. I have a background in urban planning and for a short period in time, was in a circus. Want to know more? Have a look at some of my services or get in touch and we can explore more solutions.

Here are some of the clients I've worked with:

ATB Financial  //  Balrom Films  //  Brian Jessel BMW  //  Calgary Circus Studio  //  City of Burnaby  //  Golf Burnaby  //  Heritage Burnaby  //  PlaceSpeak  //  Sage Accounting  //  Sykes Cottages

...and the non-profits!:

Atira Women's Resource Society  //  Good Life Community Bicycle Shop  //  Variety the Children's Charity  //  Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association  //  West Coast Women's Artist Collective

I design/work with these awesome devs/hackers:

Auston Salvana  //  Jay Sivakumaran  //  Julian Orinyol

Other friends:

Holly Truax, Illustrator  //  Larissa Blokhuis, Glass Artist  //  Davy Chiu, Developer

Data visualization

I work with my clients to help turn their data into stories and visually striking pieces. We will work together to discuss the project, your audience, theirs and your needs and determine what type of data visualization is appropriate.


With a background in Urban Planning and Design and an inherent love for maps, let
me help you figure out how
to represent your spatial data from site plans, data maps, illustrative maps or whatever else you need.

User Experience Design

Nothing is more frustrating than a design that isn't user friendly. Let's work together to understand your audience and to deliver a seamless user experience for your website or product. The full package with considerations to information architecture, content strategy, interface and visual design.

Editorial Design

From magazines, brochures, books to annual reports or what have you. If it's got pages in it, I'm all over it.


Let me help you discover your brand. We'll work together to understand your raison d'être and the best way to visually represent this, from your logo, stationary, packaging, etc.


Need a bit of hand drawn type to add some character? Punch up a menu, class up some invitations or anything else that needs a hand-done aesthetic.


Interested in working together or just want to play 21 questions with me? Drop me a line.

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